Our promise

Young & Talented Theatre School, London

We will develop your child’s ability to express themselves.

We motivate students to attain their personal goals.

We give them the  courage to express themselves as individuals.

We empower students to explore the possibilities and opportunities open to them in every aspect of their lives as they pursue their dreams.

Our quality assurance ensures that our tutors are always at the top of their game. Your child will receive the very best training from caring, industry professionals who are CRB checked and skilled in working with young talent. We cater for a range of abilities and have a teaching methodology that allows for a range of capabilities to work together. We do this by providing an environment that allows for exploration and play without judgment or restraint.

Our belief

We believe that students benefit immensely from the self-discipline that performing arts training entails and the challenges that live performance provides.

Theatre arts training is beneficial for any future career path:

  • A lawyer needs be able to speak fluently with conviction.
  • A footballer needs to have an awareness of space and be physically adept.
  • A doctor needs to be able to show empathy through body language and voice.

The freedom of movement that they achieve through dance challenges them to become less self-conscious and overcome any inner awkwardness. Vocal coaching encourages them to work as a team and use their voices effectively. In drama they are actively encouraged to act and behave like someone else. This nurtures empathy and allows them to freely express themselves in a way they wouldn’t normally feel confident enough to do. The rewards are plentiful; if a child believes they are good at one thing their self-esteem will grow, this in turn filters into other areas of their life creating a positive mindset.

Benefits For Your Child

Feedback from parents shows the outcomes from their child attending Young and Talented London theatre school to be

  • An increase in self-confidence, discipline and an understanding of the values of sustained effort to achieve excellence.
  • Growth in their intellectual, personal, social and emotional development skills.
  • Increased motivation to make new friends and share their talents in and out of school.

Students will benefit from a challenging and vibrant environment in which to explore and develop their imagination.

At Young and Talented London theatre school the most important aspect is for your child to really enjoy their time with us. Building confidence, increasing self-esteem and expanding imaginative thinking should always be fun. These are valuable skills essential for everyday life.


On arrival at Young and Talented you will be greeted by the centre coordination, who

    • Ensures all children are signed in each week.


    • Receive fees at the beginning of the term.


  • Carries the consent forms and will call you in the event of any issues affecting your child.

Young and Talented London theatre school carries a full liability insurance, Oxford House has a first aider on site at all times. We have policies outlining our procedures for Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Anti-bullying.

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