Triple Threat schools workshop

Young and Talented offer bespoke workshops for schools and colleges. We have excellent feedback from teachers who have either booked a one-off session or a longer 6 weeks programme.

We can accommodate most school’s needs and offer tailor made packages to ensure your students get the most from their experience with Young and Talented.

Our Triple Threat Workshops are designed to use theatre arts training to positively encourage, influence and promote self-confidence, challenge negative thinking and nurture talent.


Having early exposure to performing arts promotes individuality in young people. It gets their imaginations going and helps them to communicate with others.


A lot of young people struggle at school trying to find out who they really are. So we use the tools of acting, singing and dance to give them the space to figure that out. Our workshops help students to discover their spark, to believe in it and turn it into something magical.


Triple threat is a performance sport. There is the athleticisms aspect but it also activates the mind. We specialise in ‘thinking out of the box’ to offer ideas that enhance academic work and motivate students.




We motivate students to attain their personal goals.

We give them the courage to express themselves as individuals.

We empower young people to explore the possibilities and opportunities open to them in every aspect of their lives.

They benefit from being in a challenging and vibrant environment in which to explore and develop their imagination.


The sessions will be led by professional tutors who CRB checked and are experienced in working with and nurturing young talent.



The Triple Threat Workshops produce the following changes in stdents:-



  • The ability to get ideas, experiment and use imaginative thinking – (Inspiration)
  • Becoming confident about speaking and participating in groups – (Excellence)
  • Making wise decisions about personal challenges – (Courage)
  • Work co-operatively with other members at all times – (Respect and Friendship)
  • Learning to relate to people who are of a different culture and ethnic heritage and background – (Equality)
  • The ability to encourage creativity and leadership of others – (Determination)




We will also issue a full evaluation of the day and leave teacher packs for your staff.


Please do get in touch to discuss your needs.

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