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Our sessions take place every Saturday during term time over 39 weeks from September through to July. At Oxford House, Bethnal Green and Broadway Theatre Barking. The weekly sessions cover acting, singing, dancing working towards an end goal of a theatre production.LEARN MORE

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In the world of performance ‘Triple Threat’ is a standard industry term used to describe someone who can act, sing and dance. Our programme uses these three disciplines to help young people to become a well-rounded individual on stage, on screen and in life.LEARN MORE

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Joining Y&T is easy. Our school is very popular so places are limited. Whist there are no formal auditions we do monitor the young people for focused creative energy, commitment and willingness to work as a team. JOIN NOW

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Are you Young and Talented? Would you like the chance to perform on TV & be WINNERS just like our group The Real Deal? Then join our Triple Talent Programme or straight acting classes every Saturday.LEARN MORE

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Would your son or daughter benefit from the opportunity to flourish? Our 39 week programme is designed to help young people be at their best and realise their true potential for stage, screen and life.LEARN MORE

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Would you like us to visit your school and give your students the Triple Talent experience? We offer tailor made packages to ensure your students get the most from their experience. LEARN MORE