On Sunday the 22nd of January Young and Talented attended our bootcamp at the Broadway Theatre Barking. We are excited to be taking part in The Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge and we have our biggest team ever.

Our team have been dedicated, focused, and passionate. Our performance is ultimately about hope. We want to demonstrate, how young people, struggle to be heard today in an ever changing world. Their valuable opinions, aspirations, and beliefs are the key to the future. We want our performance to be an opportunity for them to shine and demonstrate their hope and amazing talents.

The bootcamp is a great part of The Glee Club Challenge. We were happy to get through to this next round and take part. The bootcamp allows the group to receive valuable feedback on their performance and how they can improve and grow. The team at Jack Petchey provide a fantastic day with experts, artists, and industry professionals to help everyone taking part in the regional finals.

Everyone at Young and Talented enjoyed the bootcamp and is looking forward to putting into practice everything they learnt over the weekend.

The continued support of The Jack Petchey Foundation allows Young and Talented to create positive opportunities for young people to engage, excel, and achieve. A massive thank you to everyone at the foundation for their help, dedication and passion for young people.

Tickets for the regional finals at Broadway Theatre Barking are nearly all gone. We hope you have your tickets and to see everyone there cheering us on.16179385_1234039103340751_840475069836755641_o