Never will I be a stranger to you guys, thank you for all you’ve taught me and all the opportunities you guys have given me. My journey with Y&T has put me on such a good path so much so that as I embark on this new journey I’ll be able to use the foundation you guys have given me to keep be grounded. 

Student: Zecharia 2019

A big thank you to you and all the team at Y&T for giving Jeremy the amazing opportunity to discover his passion. We are grateful for everything. The mentorship you give him means so much to us and he continues to inspire myself and his siblings and friends.

Parent: Taf 2018 

Y&T offers me the chance to combine creative responses to a provocative modern classic text from a diverse group to produce a piece of relevant theatre that shares ideas and voices of the generation who will make society’s big decisions in the near future. 

Richard Hurford, playwright 2018 

As vibrant and engaging youth and community drama group as I’ve come across. A fundamental part of East London’s creative and dramatic life. 

Simon Stephens, playwright 2018  

Can I just use this opportunity to say how impressed and pleased we are with the YT set-up.  We have seen Nuriah develop enormously over the past 18 months and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the staff for their positive input, tenacity and effort on the children. 

Parent: Victor 2017 

The magazine is now out, What a souvenir / memorie! Myself and Harrison Obioha both came from Young And Talented with incredible experience in acting and behind the scene. I just want to take this time thank Young And Talented for helping us to achieve this amazing work and always believed in our talented as well as support and encouragement. Young And Talented gave me and Harrison today the ability to dream about becoming an Actor/ Actress, our journey with them was lots of worth.  

Student: Tsara 2016

I know you were good because I researched Y&T but, did not know the turn around will take so little time. I knew my daughter would enjoy acting and dancing as she likes the attention. So taking her to Y&T was to see how she would do. I must confers I did not anticipate she would grow so quickly in your hands. Seeing her on stage was surreal and she was brilliant all because of your strategic direction under enjoyable atmosphere and realised I made the best decision to take her to Y&T. All the kids in the neighbourhood should to go to Y & T. Keep it up and thank you for your good work.

Parent: Alfred Kamara-Laye 2016

I will like to encourage all parents to encourage their children to participate in Y&T to help them develop not only their academic strength but also to have fun doing drama which they enjoy and improve their confidence.

Parent: Jemima Ahlijah 2016

Whilst at y&t my child has received top professional tuition, including acting, singing and dance. He has built up so much confidence, starred in some amazing shows, where he has been given the chance to grow, and show his ability to the max! I feel the tutors focus on each child’s ability, nurturing and bringing out the very best.

Parent: Jay Hunnable 2016

If your child joins drama club it will increase their confidence which it did for my daughter.

Parent: Jennifer Mottley 2016

I really do think you’re an amazing individual and from first working along side yourself at the Newham YOT on the project ‘acting up’ (nearly ten years ago now!!) I have always believed in your vision for driving young people to achieve and fulfill their potential and share your passion to be able to continue to give them all the amazing opportunities that they have had and are continuing to gain. I have and always will be a proactive parent and supporter of Young and Talented.

Parent: Uma Ganeshalingam 2014

Thank you Suzann for everything you’ve done for the group, especially me, you made my dreams come to reality.

Student: Michael (15) 2014

Y&T is the best thing to ever to happen to the Broadway Theatre.

Student: Matilda (12) 2013

Just want to say how amazed and impressed with those kids and the work you have done.

Parent: Max Justice 2013

Hi Suzann, I am just writing to thank you really! I have been offered places at 3 different drama schools so far, and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am and how much I’ve learnt from you over the years and how much I look up to you as an actor, director and business woman. The young and Talented “Magnetic me” production I did in 2010 with you was the first performance. After that I decided I wanted to be serious about acting and it was a great platform for me, and I was lucky enough to work with you. The opportunities you have provided me with have been fantastic and whether they worked out or not I am always grateful for a chance. The scholarship with Y&T really pushed my confidence in different areas and working with you in Jayden’s War really taught me about truth in acting and self promotion.
I remember being on the train to help you out with The Real Deal’s music video and you telling me you believed I had the ability and the maturity to go straight on to drama school from college and it was just so great to hear somebody believe in me in that way and I really wanted to thank you for that.
This might seem really dramatic and cheesy but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you as being a part of my journey.

Past student – Liyah Malcolm. 2015

Today in one word: EPIC!

Student- Jayden Emmanuel 2014

Hi Suzann, Thank you so much for everything you did for Lola and The Real Deal to get them to the Indigo2. They were wonderful and the acapella was inspired. Hard criteria but good exposure, we love them the way they are. Well done.

Parents – Donna and Mark Cooke 2012

Well done to our Young And Talented for today’s events!! It was a blessing to see you all in action!! Especially braving the cold weather to give us all a delightful performance at the Winter Wonderland!! Big Thank you to Suzann for continuing to provide our children with these wonderful opportunities. Looking forward to 2014!! x x x x x

Mum – Uma Ganeshalingam 2013

Well done to all of the amazing children today!!

Mum – Carly Balfourth 2015

Hi Suzann, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for bringing a smile to Paris’s face. I haven’t seen him leave everyday school with such happiness in a long while. His happiness and excitment were instant. This told me that Y&T simply put had found my lost boy!! Words cannot express how grateful we are as family that the little boy we’d thought was lost to the bullying was simply hidden away.

Mum – Karyn Machete 2014

I am writing to give you an update on Erica’s progress since her first stage performance with you. Erica joined the project after we made a general enquiry about the project that was advertised in our local paper. Erica is now 18 (and very humble) and I am delighted to announce that she has been accepted at Central School of Speech and Drama to do a 3 year BA Acting degree. As you know, the competition for drama school is very tough so she did very well to get through at this age.

The reason that I am writing to you is to let you know that you were one of the first people to nuture and inspire her during her first taster of public performance and since then she has gone from strength to strength. One of the audience members, an actress friend of yours, came up to Erica after the show to commend her on her performance and said that she had great presence on stage and believed that she should take her talents further – how wonderful for a professional to spot her potential!

Mum – Pamela Jeffrey 2010
I think that the support you give young kids is amazing my son is lucky to be one of them! Thank you.

Mum – Sara Barker 2013

It’s not about being famous and earning loads it’s about encouraging your children to be the best they can be. When Reece started you said that the dancing, singing and acting give the children strengths in other areas and I think that is evident in the type of child Reece is turning out to be.

Dad – Dean Buttery 2014

Suzann your commitment to your work does not go unnoticed.

Mum – Nesta Williams 2013

She loves Young and Talented. Ella has come such a long way since attending with you guys. She’s gained a great deal of confidence and made loads of new friends. Thanks for all the hard work you put in with the kids.

Mum – Leanne Krohn 2009

I just thought I would inbox you to tell you how much I enjoyed todays lesson! Had lots of fun in drama, dance and singing. It has made me a lot more confident already also it’s making me think that I could become a brilliant actor one day.

Student – Jack Sands (12) 2010

I referred a young lad to the Y&T programme and was amazed at the transformation that he made whilst attending the group. When I attended his end of term performance, I was again impressed by his confidence and growth and also by the ability of the other young performers.

Brian Alexander 2007

I thought everything was excellent it was well organised, the theme was well put across , the children worked really well together they knew their roles. It even got me a little emotional the singing and everything. Overall it was a great performance, well done to you and the cast and the others behind the scenes. And also, I am very proud my girls was able to be apart of your production. My girls are looking forward to many more to come

Mum – Kerry-Ann Cato 2012

Our sons Jack and Max have had a fabulous time at the Young and Talented theatre school this past year. They were very excited to be part of the end-of-year production which truly made them feel like they were professional performers. We have nothing but praise for the brilliant and committed teachers who bring children of all ages and varying backgrounds together into a warm, yet challenging environment, where the children can develop their imagination and performing skills.  The best part of the program for me as a mom, was having my children see how dedicated and hard working their peers are.  It is an important life lesson.  My husband and I are looking forward to having the boys spend another year at the Y&T.

Mum – Isabelle Spencer 2011

Testimonials from The Real Deal winners of Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2012

Before the heats

Jack (13) Jack Sands The Real Deal

I feel proud to have this opportunity to be apart of Sport Relief Does Glee Club with the rest of the group. I must admit it has been hard and stressful but I’ve pulled through and been able to work to the best of my ability. I’m appreciative that it is going to be on TV and let the public see what I’ve got.


Lola (11) 

I feel excited and I can’t wait. I think this is a great opportunity for us and if we win we could move on to something much much bigger. I am speechless. Young and Talented has been great. I hope we win. Suzann is the best director I have ever had and she is generous for giving up her own spare time for us.


Jordan (12) 

Young and Talented is a life changing experience. I’ve always dreamed of being on TV and now its actually happening. I’ve also never been outside of England. Young and Talented has meant the world to me including the children and Suzann. I love the privilege to do this.


Ayanna (12) 

I am excited and nervous at the same time because I know that if I mess up I’ll let the whole team down. This opportunity is very important to me, as I am competitive and I am here to make my friends (in the team), Suzann and my parents proud. I am very thankful to Suzann for giving me such an amazing opportunity to do my best and shine! Young and Talented has given me more than one opportunity to do this and I think I have made the most of it.

Ellis (13) 

I am looking forward to this opportunity so much because it can benefit me in so many different ways but I hope I do well as well so that I don’t end this for the team and that Y&T who have helped me get here. I have had so many experiences and opportunities from joining Y&T and I am grateful for being picked for Sport Relief Does Glee Club.


Jade (13) 

Taking part in this competition means so much to me. It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity really! I’m really glad Y&T gave me this opportunity. I want to also thank Suzann for picking me and believing in me. Young and Talented are giving me a chance to fulfil my dreams and I have learnt a lot of useful skills that I know will help me in the future.


Idele (15) 

I feel lucky and grateful for this opportunity. I never prized myself good enough for something like this. I am extremely grateful for Young and Talented and I hope I get scouted by agents. Being in the industry is a hard thing and Suzann has done a great job of preparing us for it. I feel guilty that Suzann is giving up three days with her precious Maya for the first time to be with us. I am grateful.


Aghogho (15) 

I am really grateful for being here. I am blessed with this talent, lucky to use it in the competition. I am thankful for Young and Talented to give me the opportunity to go to this competition because if it wasn’t for Suzann McLean I wouldn’t be here. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me ever since I started Young and Talented. I’ve been attending many singing competitions before I didn’t used to do that. I am very excited to participate in this competition. I feel that we will do very well in this competition and go very far  because we have a great leader Suzann, not just our leader but our very good friend.

Before the semi finals

Jack (13)

I am really looking forward to tomorrow as it is the semi-final! I am really nervous about it though however it would mean the world to me as I would be proud of everyone especially myself. It is all thanks to my mum, nan, Suzann and the Lottery Transformers fund for giving us money towards going to Young and talented. Young and Talented has made a big impact on my life.

Lola (11)

This opportunity is one in a life time and I intend to use it well. And I would like to thank everyone in our group and Suzann and my mum and dad and of all everyone who has been very supportive.

Jordan (12)

This show and opportunity is a lot to me and I hope this takes me far. I thank Suzann and to treat her back we will be on point tomorrow and we will bring her name up.

Ayanna (12)

This opportunity is more important that it has ever been right now. I know that we (The Real Deal) need to step it up and do better than we’ve ever done. I can’t really use words to explain how thankful I am to Suzann she’s so amazing at her job. I actually love her! My mum made this happen also. I wasn’t really keen on going at first but now I’m glad I did. I need to do my best and make her the second proudest woman in the world! (after my mummy).

Ellis (13)

This opportunity means so much to me and I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for Young and talented, Suzann or the Fund from National Lottery. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this so I appreciate this so much.

Jade (13)

When I’m older, I want to be a performer – singing and dancing on stage, in music videos and being on Sport Relief Does Glee Club is giving me a taster of what it is and I LOVE IT! This is overwhelming and I have to pinch myself to double check that I’m not just dreaming! It’s become a reality for me and I just want to thank Suzann for offering me a scholarship to Young and Talented and for choosing me to be a part of The Real Deal! I also want to thank my mum for giving me the opportunity to go to Hear Me Out and that’s how it started out for me! I want to also thank my mum and dad for supporting me! I’m going to give it my all tomorrow.

Idele (15)

I am really grateful and happy for this opportunity. I am grateful for the good people in the world that made this possible. I really hope we make it to the semi finals and then progress to the finals. I hope we win. It would mean a lot to win this, not just for myself but for Suzann and the others. I also personally hope Sisco will notice me… maybe go out. LOL.

Aghogho (15)

I am thankful for the opportunity that Suzann gave to us for being on TV and being recognised more. I am very excited to be on TV tomorrow. We get to perform in front of celebrity. I thank Suzann for it even though I don’t show it I am truly thankful for it.

After they won

Aghogho (15)

When we sang I want you back, the whole point of it was to become the winners. Due to the fact we were 3rd in the semi final’s “I want you back” was wanting to get the winning place back, But most of all, thanks to those who voted for us, And a special  thank you to Suzann McLean because if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have won.

Ellis (13)

Participating in the show was so exciting, but winning was out of this world.  I am glad that I am in this Glee club!

Jack (13)

Winning Sport Relief Does Glee Club Was Amazing, Knowing The Public Had Voted For You Was Brilliant. Definitely The Best Experience Ever That I Will Never Forget!

Jade (13)

I was ecstatic, it was such a great experience!

Jordan (12)

I was really, really excited and happy!

Ayanna (12)

It was a dream come true.

Lola (11)

The whole experience has been absolutely amazing! Not only have I had the chance to go on TV, but we helped children through Sports Relief, so they can try to fulfil their dreams.

Idele (15)

I’m still finding it hard to sink in but still my gratitude goes out to all the support we received and to Suzann for everything.