Patrons & Agency

Y&T collaborate with Alphabet Agency / Alphabet Kidz the BAFTA winning agency, one of UK’s leading agencies for young performers. Together we create opportunities for professional work on stage and screen

Our drama, singing and dance classes ensure that they all receive ongoing professional training. We welcome visits from casting directors and ask that they contact Alphabet Agency / Alphabet Kidz to book our students.

Agency Representation for Children, Teens & young Adults. TV, Film, Commercials, Voice Overs, Modelling and Theatre Bookings

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We have found that confidence and self esteem is the base from which to work from… not just for acting, but in all areas of life.



Career advisor to The Stage newspaper and Young performer magazine. Media appearances include BBC TV, Radio, Nickelodeon TV and Sky News.

“Delighted to be in such distinguished company.”




Young and Talented Patron Rochelle Gadd


Actress of stage and screen as seen in Hollyoaks, Tracey Beaker and The life and Times of Vivienne Vyle with Jennifer Saunders.

“Y&T is such an exciting school. I am happy to be associated.”




Young and Talented Patron Bunmi Mojekwu


Actress from Eastenders playing the role of ‘Mercy’.  Also stars in Misfits, Apples and Oranges, Second Chance Fallout and Gone Too Far.

“I love Y&T and I believe what you are doing for all the kids is amazing; giving them the opportunity to express themselves and develop their talent and also shaping them into responsible adults.”