Originate actor training

Free Actor Training with leading drama schools RADA, Guildhall School, industry professionals and Theatre Peckham.
Home to BAFTA Rising Star Award winner 2021 Bukky Bakray

The Course

In partnership with RADA, Guildhall School and Theatre Peckham participants train to perform for stage and screen in a series of online masterclass workshops under the creative director of Suzann McLean (Artistic Director of Theatre Peckham and Founder of Young & Talented).

The course culminates in the creation of a short film with a professional writer, director, filmmaker and editor. There will be a screening of the film for invited guests including industry professionals.


Originate allows young actors to build on their acting technique and confidence as a performer, create industry connections, establish a network of collaborators and it introduces them to the rigour and joy of actor training.

63% of Originate Actors 2019/20 were approached by industry professionals within two weeks of their showcase.

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Previous Originate Actors said:

It was refreshing to be in an environment where the people represent such a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. The best.


The industry no longer feels like an intangible, intimidating thing but something that, with hard work, drive and talent, could be very achievable.