Time travel became real for some of our teens in the half term as we explored the wonderful history of Oxford House. From floor-plans to youth clubs, from mysterious objects found around the building to a visit from Ghandi, history was very much alive, but it didn’t stop there!

The teens weren’t only there to learn about Oxford House’s history, they were given the task of making a creative response to it, and they rose to the occasion. They split into three groups and began planning for their separate short films, and by day two the ideas were refined. The students developed there own ideas, learned about shots, made their very own shot lists, schedules, mapped out how they would like it to be edited, for the majority of groups it was completely all their work. For five days our teens worked incredibly hard, stretching themselves in areas they’ve never experienced before; our actors became directors, producers and Oxford House historians.

Massive thank you to our wonderful acting tutor Catherine Palmer, our fantastic volunteer Jeremy Muguwe (who directed one of the short films); Jordan Benjamin who filmed for the teens and of course Oxford House staff member Sarah Murray.

We cannot wait to see the final products, they are going to be amazing!