Tomorrow night our tutor Roy Alexander Weise debuts his production of The Mountaintop at the Young Vic. Young and Talented are very proud of Roy and cannot wait to see this sold out production.

The Mountaintop is set during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement in America and is Katori Hall’s fictional account of the night before Martin Luther King was assassinated. This revival of the Olivier Award winning play is being staged as a result of Roy’s win of the 2016 JMK Award.

Roy recently did an interview with London Calling. Speaking about his attraction to Hall’s writing he said “She has a voice that is honest; a voice that comes from someone who understands pain and loss. She’s imaginative and isn’t afraid to stretch the form of theatre and the way we receive stories.”

On BAME artists in the industry Roy says, “There are lots of BAME artists but people are so closed-minded they don’t necessarily look to those artists as the people who are available for telling stories that exist outside of the black experience. You don’t get the opportunity to see who those artists really are because there aren’t enough theatres programming work by BAME artists not just about the black experience but about every experience.”

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