On Saturday the 4th of November the 21st Annual African Film Awards took place at Stratford Town Hall. The annual African Film Awards promotes and honours excellence in film and television among Black British practitioners. Prince Mike Abiola, founder of the African Film Awards said, “We are proud that each year the awards celebrate excellence”.

This Saturday seen our Y&T  student and Rep Company member Ellis George receive the Young and Talented Award which recognises young talent from the African diaspora.  We are very proud of the strong and successful young actor Ellis has become. It has been a joy to watch her continued hard work, focus and development.

The Young and Talented Award is a collaboration between African Film Awards and Young and Talented School of stage and screen. Together we are passionate about the creativity of young people and want to encourage and nurture their talent, helping them to find opportunities, get noticed and open doors to successful careers.


The awards also featured a performances by our students Jeremiah Emmanuel followed by a duet with his sister Malika. They were fantastic!

At Young and Talented London we nurture a wide selection of bright, energetic and talented children and young adults from all ethnic backgrounds, developing their own unique and distinctive personality. We empower young people to maintain their natural qualities so that they can portray the real lives of young people today.

Young and Talented would like to extend their thanks to the African Film Awards and everyone involved in the event.